Turkish Angora

This lovely breed was named after Angora, the old name for Ankara, now the capital city of Turkey. Like Persians, Angoras are prized for their rich coat of long hair, and even though many people confuse the two breeds, they are different in many ways.

The Angora has a more slender build than the Persian, with a more triangular face that is more “catty” than the round, snub-nosed Persian face. The Angora’s long coat does not mat and tangle as easily as the Persian’s does and comes in as many colors as a Persian’s.

They also share the Persian’s genetic flukes: blue-eyed white cats that are often deaf and “odd-eyed” cats that have one blue eye, and one copper or green eye. Though we can’t be certain, it’s highly possible that the Angoras were a naturally occurring breed, and that Persians were developed from them.

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