Forgetting you in their pain

Owners who have had to deal with an injured cat are often bewildered, because the cat seems to lash out viciously, as if she didn’t know her owner. The cat hasn’t forgotten, but the pain temporarily overrides her memory. A cat in severe pain—after being struck by a car, for example—is “no man’s friend” and thus requires careful handling, since she doesn’t understand you are trying to save her life.

Cats can’t really be muzzled, so you have to take your chances with the teeth until you can get her to a vet. It’s wise to wrap the cat in a large towel or blanket, and wear thick gloves if you have them. The good news about an injured cat is that once the syok is past, she will be friendly again and apparently will have no memory of having bitten or scratched her bewildered owner.

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